Nozzles for nebulization and humidification processes

nozzles for nebulization and humidification

Nozzles for nebulization and humidification processes: the CBN high quality products.

The deodorization and dust removal process very interested in important sectors such as the food industry, iron and steel, wood, ceramics, cement industry, the extraction of minerals in coal fired power plants, in waste disposal, in the railway sector etc.

The process of humidification and nebulization (humidity control) improves product quality, the quality of the production process (es. textile productive chain) as well as the quality of the working environment.

The nebulization (sometimes improperly called “atomization“) is the reduction of a liquid into minute parts (drops), which is obtained for example by crashing the liquid with a jet of air at very high speed, or alternatively, by forcing the liquid to pass through an very tight orifice (spray nozzles and atomizers). Decreasing the passage section of the orifice, increases the pressure of the liquid. The atomizing process, however, should not be confused with humidification: in the atomization process, the liquid does not change immediately its state of aggregation, it does not pass instantly into steam. Although in the atomization process the droplets may be very small, they are of macroscopic dimensions, their state of aggregation is still liquid, not gaseous. During the humidification process the liquid passes in a gaseous phase (from liquid to gas).

The atomization process is performed by friction with the air. For this reason it is very important to the speed with which the water is in contact with the air. This speed is obtained by the passage through the microscopic holes of atomizer nozzles which must be constructively perfect if you want the success of the process.

The CBN nozzles for nebulization and humidification are suitable and designed for every need humidification, cooling, evaporative cooling, moistening tapes, atomization.

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