Pneumatic atomizers CBN

pneumatic atomizers

Pneumatic atomizers CBN: miniaturized, adjustables and special types

The pneumatic atomizers enable us to obtain, by meansof mixing of liquid and compressed air, a fully nebulized jet having fine droplets (15-20microns). The droplets, being so fine,remain suspended in the air used for splitting of the liquid. The shape and the jet atomizationare constant in function of speed of the atomization air. Infact the droplets can easily evaporate because of the decrease in the air speed or because of their dimensions, operating time and enviromental moisture. The jet can be full cone-shaped or flat-shaped. The pneumatic atomizersformer is preferable when a concentrated impact force, an high flow and a long jet are required. The latter is preferable when a linear impact jet is required. The atomizers can be feed in three different ways: a) air and liquid under pressure b) air under pressure and liquid in suction c) air under pressure and liquid feed by gravity. Type a) enable you to get to the highst flows but you have a lower jet nebulization.Pneumatic Atomizers CBN It is advisable for the atomization of liquid having high viscosity. Type b) and c) enable you to get to very fine atomization and very low flows; in this case the air sucks the liquid to be atomized. In the atomizers the mixing of air and liquid can be made both inside and outside of the nozzle. Using inside mixing it is possible to heave a fully atomized jet. The outside mixing is more advisable in presence of liquid having high viscosity or suspended particles.

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