Snowmaking: CBN and Demaclenko research project in EcoArtiSnow

snowmaking nozzles

Snowmaking: CBN and DemacLenko in EcoArtiSnow research project on noise reduction and energy savings of snowmaking guns

The DemacLenko development team, leader in the production of snowmaking guns, work with CBN – high Quality Spray Nozzles and other companies in the development of innovative snow generation products, with reduced energy consumption and noise emission: important goals for the respect of nature and to provide customer less expensive machinery preserving the high production standards.
The project has enabled an intensive search for process optimization for the different products in order to obtain snow generators with low consumption but high production capacity of snow.

The project consist in:

  • New nucleators and new nozzles for a better quality of snow and increased energy efficiency.
  • CFD simulation and many years of experience has enabled the development and optimization of nucleators and nozzles.
  • Refinement of the atomization system  with nucleators in reduced air consumption and better water atomization by nozzles.
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